Psychem group is a research-based and innovation-oriented enterprise, incorporated in Hong Kong and based in Mainland China, dedicated in manufacturing and distribution of agrochemicals and concerned products. 
Since the birth of 2001, Psychem always forces on translating agrochemicals and concerned products into value for customers through our professional solutions and services worldwide. We are committed to generating registration dossiers in GLP labs, supporting end users and importers with label registration in destination countries, formulating the labeled products in commercial package, contract-manufacturing special molecules by customers, also improving production technology as well as waste treatment for local plants. 

Company's History
On May 18 of 2001, after six years of career in pesticides business, Mr. Yue Sheng set up Psyche Chemicals Co. Limited in Hong Kong and created “PSYCHEM” as symbol of the enterprise. In the same year, Psychem finished first label registration of IBA in history, a plant growth regulator. We realized it was not enough to join more procedures in business without registration, and started to invest on dossier, such as 5-batches report, chemical & physical properties, and etc..
We built “we do professionals” as slogan. Annual sales of agrochemicals and concerned products exceeded one million dollars, which is the first reward of registrations in Australia. Till end of 2002, Psychem finished 6 labels in Australia.
In this year, registration department of Psychem was built formally. Meanwhile, the first full GLP dossier package was completed, which is of Carbendazim.
Psychem started its market layout in South American. In production field, cooperating with formulation plants, Psychem commenced final products in customized commercial package.
The first label in Brazil was a prelude to Psychem business in South America. In production field, Psychem began to tread on contract-manufacturing molecules by customers, which became an important margin growth to enterpise. In this year, Psychem was also involved in research and technology, two pyrethroids were introduced to partner plant and formed goodish scale sales.
Psychem Group are founded. Five years passed, Psychem built up a good relationship with more than 30 local manufacturers in China. In this year, we mapped out quality control and put it into practices, collaborating with SGS, and some other ISO-17025 approved labs.
2007 is the year of Africa in Psychem. Psychem got the first label in Egypt successfully and won the first business in Morocco via the European companies.
Shanghai Psyche Chemicals Co. Ltd. is set up, which is a bridge for small manufacturers in China, who had no foreign trade team by himself. From 2008, a global economic crisis rolls up like a mat. Business of Psychem shrink down to a low point, but more and more new labels also brought us an energetic spring.
The global economic crisis caused continuously great recession, Psychem got a surprising growth in sales. On 28th June, Psychem celebrated his 8th anniversary. VIP officers and more than 60 bosses and managers from partners enjoyed the party and witnessed the success. The party was praised as a small seminar of Chinese pesticides industry.
Psychem started to develop his own administration system: PAS, all data were digitized.
Psychem got mass of labels in Sounth America, South East Asia, and Africa. From 2011, Psychem became a real sense of multinational company.
The annual sales exceed 10 million USD in this year.
Psychem set up a joint venture with partners, and shifted from a trading company to an industrial enterprise.
The First technical plant was started construction in Jiangsu Provice, which covers an area of 20 hectares. At same time, the joint venture invested a new formulation plant in Zhejiang Province, which covers an area of 8 hectares.
The head office of joint venture was start construction in Zhejiang Province with an area of half hectares.
At the beginning of 2016, Psychem took up the exploration of autonomously applying for EU equivalence. We applied to British, Germany and Dutch governments for the EU Equivalence of Corechem’s products. 15 years elapsed, witnessing the development of Psychem group. Cheerfully the boss took along all the staff abroad to celebrate the 15th anniversary.
We renovated the office in Shanghai. It took on a brand new look, simple and cozy. In 2017, Psychem achieved the equivalence of Mesotrione (excluding new impurities), Pyraclostrobin and Diflufenican.
In 2008, Psychem attended major/various exhibitions including 2018 AgroChemBiz Show Australia, Agritech Japan 2018 and 2018 AgriBusiness Global(ABG)Trade Summit. In 2018, Psychem obtained the equivalence of Ethephon and Isoxaflutole.
In 2019, Psychem acquired the equivalence of Kresoxim-methyl. Since 2016, we have 6 products got equivalence in all. In 2019, the reports of Fluazinam were completed and they were submitted in Q3 through consultancy. At the same time, the equivalence of Ethephon TK was applied for. We also renewed the equivalence of Mesotrione by supplementing the dossiers of the new impurities required in EU.
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